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Multiguard Portable Intruder Detection System

DETECTION External passive infrared 30 metres long range.

RADIO TRANSMITTER Type approved to MPT 1309. License exempt. Transmitter power 10mW. Frequency channel 173.225 MHz. Radio range normally up to 500 metres with standard antennae. Dipole / colinear / yagi available for extended ranges. Radio messages - Alarm and low battery warning.

BATTERY 9 Volt PP3 type ( duracell or energizer ). Operating time typically 6 months. Easy battery removal for replacement with spare.

MECHANICAL Operating temperature range -10 to +60 degrees C. Glass reinforced polycarbonate enclosure. Weight 370 grammes. Dimensions 160 x 80 x 60 mm. Waterproof to IP65.

RECEIVER Receives from up to 8 sensors.

DISPLAYS / CONTROLS 8 alarm LED lamps. Low battery warning. Radio channel jamming warning. Mains on / battery back up indication.


MECHANICAL Write-on detector location area.

Multiguard Technical Specification



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