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Lone Worker Alarms - GSM Alarms - Vacant Property Alarms

Wireless GSM Empty / Vacant / Void Property Alarms

We specialise in wireless and radio-linked security equipment. Portable Intruder Detection Systems, Lone Worker Alarm Systems, GSM Alarm Diallers and Vacant / Empty / Void Property Alarms.

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gsm alarm dialler

GSM Voice and SMS text Alarm Autodiallers

perimeter intruder detection

Portable Intruder detection Systems for Perimeter Security

lone worker alarm

Lone Worker / Man Down Alarms

wireless alarm systems

Wireless Alarm Systems

Edgarsson has been designing and manufacturing a wide range of electronic security equipment in the UK since 1994. Starting with Watchpost, our portable, wireless, battery powered external intruder detection system. Next came our 2020 Alarm Unit which sent messages to pagers. This led to our GSM Voice and SMS Alarm Systems and on to our Vacant Property Alarms. In the meantime we developed our Lone Worker Alarm System which has been in production for 15 years.


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