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Protection for lone working staff


Our Lone Worker Alarm Systems are the perfect, simple and cost-effective solution for on-site Lone Working Safety and Protection. No SIM card or contract required.

The Lone Worker Alarm / Man down alert device is ideal for many applications to protect on-site staff who have to work alone, security personnel and for health and safety applications. The Lone Worker alarm transmitter is worn on belt or pocket and held securely with a belt clip. It transmits an alarm message when the panic button is pressed. The transmitter also contains a tilt switch so that an alarm message is transmitted automatically if the person collapses for any reason.

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Benefits for employers include -

Protection of your site-based lone working staff from potential harm, serious injury or life-threatening incidents. Improves the morale, motivation reassurance and confidence of staff lone working. Improved peace of mind and safety for out-of-hours and lone working staff. Reduces time off work due to incident related illness and convalescence.Helps employers fulfil their Duty of Care to employees. Upholds an organisation’s reputation.

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Holster and belt avaiable if required

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Lone Working Receiver

Our Systems are pre-programmed for simple self-installation, just fit batteries into transmitters and plug the receiver into a mains socket.

We have been manufacturing and supplying Lone Worker Systems to customers for over 20 years

No SIM card or contract required.

Who are lone workers and what jobs do they do?
Lone workers are those who work by themselves without close or direct supervision.

e.g. A person working alone in a small workshop, petrol station, kiosk or shop etc..

People who work from home other than in low-risk, office-type work.

People working alone for long periods, eg in factories, warehouses, leisure centres etc..

People working on their own outside normal hours, eg cleaners and security, maintenance or repair staff.


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Lone Worker Transmitter


8 zone receiver

Single zone receiver

Single zone receiver / dialler
Radio Repeater Unit

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We have manufactured and supplied Lone Worker Alarms for over 20 years. Here are Some of our recent customers

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Lone Worker Transmitter Operation

The automatic transmission occurs after 10 second period during which a warning beep gives an alert that a alarm message is about to be transmitted.The message transmision is cancelled automatically by movement of the transmitter. Radio range is up to 500 metres with standard antenna. A radio repeater can be installed on large sites to increase the range between lone worker transmitters and receiver.See Lone Worker User Manual.

Lone Worker Receiver Operation

The receiver receives from up to 14 transmitters. An LED lamp flashes and the internal sounder is activated when analarm message is received. A write-on label is used to identify the alarm transmitter number with the person's name. The reset switch is used to cancel the alarm.
External devices can be connected to the receiver such as an additional sounder and a telephone autodialler. An external antenna can be attached to increase radio range.
Radio range is 500 metres with standard antenna.

The Lone worker System can be used with a Telephone Voice Autodialler or GSM Voice / SMS Dialler.

Lone Worker Radio Specification

Type approved to MPT 1309. License exempt. Transmitter power 10mW. Frequency channel 173.225 MHz. Radio range normally up to 500 metres with standard antennae. Dipole / colinear / yagi available for extended ranges. Radio messages - Panic Alarm and low battery warning. Battery 2 x AA type ( duracell or energizer ). Operating time typically 6 months. Easy battery removal for replacement with spare. Lone worker dimensions 140mm ( antenna +140 ) x 82mm x 35mm ( inc. belt clip )

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