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Vacant Property Alarm for Empty / Void Security Protection

No phone line - no problem. No mains electricity - no problem

Our vacant / empty / void property alarms are stand-alone, battery-powered intruder detection systems, wire free, mobile network alarm system specifically designed for use in vacant commercial and residential properties where no mains power or telephone line is available.


VoidM8-Mini Alarm Unit

Integrated vacant property alarm.

This is a battery powered intruder detection system for vacant property protection. It has a built-in PIR for intruder detection, Tamper switch, Text alarm dialler, Keyswitch arm / disarm. It has a built-in PIR, Tamper switch, Text alarm dialler, Keyswitch arm / disarm and 105 dB siren in a rugged vandal-proof enclosure for fixing to the floor or wall of an empty property.

It will send Intruder Alarm, Tamper Alarm, Armed and Disarmed text messages to 3 phone numbers.

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empty vacant void propert alarm




empty vacant void propert alarm

See our LP GSM SMS dialler for more information.

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VoidM8 Alarm Unit

Integrated vacant property alarm.

Features are -

10 metre wide angle PIR, Rugged enclosure, Rugged antenna, SMS Text messages to up to 10 phone numbers. Intruder SMS message, Tamper SMS message, Daily Status message, Arm / Disarm SMS messages. Remotely programmable by SMS. Entry and exit delay timers. Internal Sounder ( timed ). Touch button arm / disarm. Internal listen-in micrphone. Plug-in battery charger.

Features are -

  • Low power GSM text dialler with on-board lithium-ion battery.
  • Programmable location ( i.e. property address ) text sent with each message
  • Alarm ( main and wireless ) messages sent to up to 10 numbers
  • Tamper ( main and wireless ) messages sent to up to 10 numbers ( optional priority setting for tamper , i.e. overrides arm / disarm )
  • Arm / dis-arm message sent to 1 number with i-button ID
  • Daily status message sent to 1 number at a programmable time of day ( Battery voltages, GSM signal strength ,temperature, armed/disarmed status )
  • SIA format message ( alarm receiving centre ) sent to 1 number. ( compatible with most Sentinel Plus and Mastermind ARCs )
  • Low battery message sent to 1 number.
  • Timed automatic arm / disarm with programmable schedule for each day
  • Programmable entry and exit delay times with audible tones
  • Arm / disarm by touch button, up to 20 button IDs can be used.
  • Listen-in microphone, unit can be called and built-in microphone allows listen-in for audio verification on alarm.
  • Automatic Siren mute during listen-in.
  • Repeat alarm time programmable.
  • Alarm escalation mode where alarm is sent to first number, then after a programmable time messages sent to other programmed numbers if first number has not responded.
  • Automatic reset programmable time after alarm.
  • Text message credit counter. ( for PAYG SIMs )
  • All features are programmable by SMS or using PC / Notebook using hyper terminal program.
  • Programmable 105 dB siren operation times.
  • Rugged block / whip or internal GSM antenna and vhf wireless whip antenna or vandal proof.
  • 18 Ampere hour battery gives around 6 - 8 month operation between recharge / replacement.
  • Wireless receiver built in for up to 32 wireless devices.
  • SMS Text messages are -
  • Integral PIR alarm
  • Wireless PIR alarm
  • Main unit tamper
  • Wireless device tamper
  • Daily status message with arm/disarm, battery voltages, gsm signal strength, temperature.
  • Armed with button id
  • Dis-arm with button id
  • Radio range of detectors up to 50 metres with vandal proof block antenna, 200 metres with right angle whip bnc antenna, 500 metres with cable connected high gain antenna.

Where can our temporary alarms be used?

Our Battery operated Alarm System / temporary alarm systems are the ideal solution for anywhere needing temporary security /Vacant property monitoring


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